The Shirt


The Shirt is more than a just a shirt. It was an idea that originated in 1990 to raise money for a student-led spring festival. The Shirt became an instant hit with students, fans, and alumni, and its success uniting the Notre Dame family has surpassed anyone's expectations. Proceeds from sales of The Shirt now benefit Notre Dame clubs and organizations, The Shirt Charity Fund, and the Student Experience Fund. 

This year’s design of The Shirt is intended to capture the spirit and tradition of the Notre Dame Alma Mater. The Committee desired to utilize a simple and recognizable phrase from the Alma Mater on the front design, making The Shirt recognizable as “The Strong and True Shirt.” We chose the phrase “Strong and True” to signify how the Notre Dame family is strong in spirit and true to our community through times of adversity and prosperity.  

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