The Usher Report: Sue Harper

Author: Sarah Rodts

On home game Saturdays, 700 individuals from 22 states and Canada enter through Gate A of the Football Stadium to report to the Usher Office. These individuals come together to make sure all fans have a fun and safe game experience at Notre Dame. They may scan your ticket as you enter the gate, they may help you find your seat, or they may help you with a question. Whatever it is that they do, they help to make your Game Day experience a great one. In recognition of their service to the University, we introduce the “Usher Report”, a series highlighting these gracious individuals who help to make Game Day at Notre Dame an experience unlike any other. First up, Sue Harper.

Sue Harper


Sue Harper is one of our top Ushers and one of our Guest Service Team members. She currently resides in nearby Mishawaka and has been part of the Usher program for eight “fun filled years”, Sue said.

As one of our ambassadors on Game Days, Sue brings passion and excitement to her role as she welcomes fans to campus and does all she can to ensure each guest has a great Game Day experience. Rain, cold, or extreme heat won’t stop Sue from smiling at all times.

Sue serves as the Gate Supervisor at Gate C, where she offers guidance to her team as they welcome fans to the Stadium and look to assist in any way they can. Sue’s positive attitude and commitment to hospitality reflect on to the group of Ushers she supervises at Gate C.


When asked what her most memorable moment has been while serving as an Usher and Guest Service Team member, Sue said, “Meeting Coach Jim Harbaugh in the tunnel during the Stanford walk through. He approached me as the team was leaving the stadium. We had a lengthy conversation about the Ushers being so nice to the visiting team, and the Stanford stadium.”

As an Usher and Guest Service Team member, Sue is responsible for ensuring campus and Stadium policies are followed. When Sue needs to inform fans of certain policies of which they may not be aware, she has a great way of handling these situations with kindness and understanding.


Both the role of being an Usher as well as a Guest Service Team member have offered Sue an incredible opportunity to work with many wonderful individuals. When asked what she enjoys most about this, Sue responded, “I have met so many nice people from different cities and states that I would have never known otherwise. It is wonderful to get to work with people who also love Notre Dame and share the same goals to want our guests to have the best game day experience possible. I have found the teamwork and comradery between the Ushers and Guest Service Team members to be second to none. I look forward to each game weekend so I can see all the dear friends that have become like a second family to me.”

Sue explained the most rewarding parts of being an Usher and Guest Service Team member are, “Sharing my enthusiasm for Notre Dame with our visiting guests. Especially when someone says, ‘This is my first visit. What should I see or where should I go?’ I love it when a fan gets to walk down the tunnel for the first time. I also find it very rewarding I can offer solutions to fix a situation to improve someone’s Game Day experience.” Her excitement for sharing Notre Dame with our guests is unmatched and her commitment to making Game Days great for all fans is admirable.

Sue is truly a valued member of both the Usher and Guest Service Team programs. We thank her for her continued service and commitment to Our Lady’s University!

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