The Shirt 2015: Golden Tradition

Author: Sarah Rodts


This year’s design combines elements from several eras of Notre Dame football to encapsulate its “Golden Tradition,” the phrase that appears on the front of The Shirt 2015.

The Project’s goal this year was to balance Notre Dame’s historic success with its promising future. The front of The Shirt also features helmets from Notre Dame’s past and present, a helmet from the early 1960’s alongside the current shape of the helmets.

The back of The Shirt is a cross-era representation of Notre Dame football. From the script text to the old-school shamrocks and monogram, the design is linked to the history of Irish Football. The anonymous football player blends elements of the history of the program, including a familiar pose that recalls Notre Dame’s seven Heisman Trophy winners. The player carries this tradition into the future, as The Shirt boldly proclaims, “Here Come the Irish.”

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Article courtesy of “The Shirt”

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