Shamrock Series 5k: Research Challenge

Author: George West


The Shamrock Series 5k will take place on Saturday, September 13th in downtown Indianapolis before the Fighting Irish take on the Purdue Boilermakers at Lucas Oil Stadium. Along the race route we will place 6ft x 3ft banners highlighting the reasons graduate students’ research matters to the University, the community, and the world. Over 1,000 runners and all in attendance will have the opportunity to see these banners and the local and global impact of our students‘ research. This will be a unique and powerful opportunity for graduate students to showcase their work to a very large and diverse audience. In addition to showcasing one’s work, the winners will receive a free entry into the 5k and a professional Graduate School portfolio.

Call for Submissions

The Graduate School is calling for submissions by current graduate students for interesting visual representations of their research, accompanied by an abstract that provides a caption, describes the image, and speaks to why the research matters. We will select 12 submissions to display, and we will provide assistance to the winners in developing a final approved image, caption, and abstract. Each banner will contain the image and caption, your name, your research area, your department and your college. Booklets showing thumbnail images of all 12 banners and accompanying abstracts will be included in race packets and used as promotional materials throughout the weekend in Indianapolis.

Submissions Guidelines

VISUAL REPRESENTATION that highlights an interesting aspect of your work: This visual aid is your chance to be creative. This should not be a picture of you doing your research; this should be an image that visually conveys an interesting feature of your work. It does not have to be exceedingly high quality, but should be detailed enough for us to determine how it would display individually and in combination with the others at full size. We will assist with winning entries to produce final professional images.

CAPTION: A caption for the image that explains what it is. Written to be accessible to a lay audience.

ACCOMPANYING ABSTRACT (up to 1000 words): This abstract should answer the question: Why does my research matter? Please do not use jargon – this is intended to be written for a lay audience.

DEADLINE: Submit all materials HERE by 5:00 PM on August 1st.

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