Nice Wheels: Game Day Pedal Cab Service

Game Day Operations, in partnership with the Office of Sustainability, offers a “green” method of transportation on game days. Our three, human powered pedal cabs are operated by student organizations. A $10 donation to the cab operator’s club will get you a fun and environmentally friendly ride across campus!


To ensure safety, cabs are limited to transporting two passengers at a time. Pedal cabs operate on a “flag down” basis and they provide one-way rides. Keep an eye out for these green machines across campus during the hours of operation listed below:

Hours of Operation

Friday: 3:00-6:00 PM

Saturday: 12:00-6:00 PM

Comments or Questions about the Pedal Cab Service?

We want to hear from you! Email us at

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Golden Notes: Trumpets Under the Dome

For everyone here in the Game Day office, we feel a home game coming as soon as the clock hits zero on the previous weekend's game. However, for everyone else in here in the Dome, they feel the game weekend arrive at 4:00 PM on Fridays when hundreds of fans fill the rotunda of the Main Building to catch the Notre Dame Trumpets play under the Dome. !/assets/115317/480x/trumpets.jpg(trumpets)! Fans fill the rings of the third and fourth floors of the Dome to look down at the Trumpets on the second floor as they play the Alma Mater and the Victory March. It's a great way to welcome fans and the arrival of a Notre Dame Football weekend. Coming to campus this weekend? Be sure to catch the trumpets today, *Friday, October 18th at 4:00 PM*. Can't make it? Catch "Trumpets Under the Dome" on *Saturday, October 19th at 6:30 PM*. For this performance, the Trumpets will line the third and fourth floors of the Main Building, so grab a great viewing spot on the second floor. "Click here for a full list of activities for the October 18th-20th game weekend":

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The Notre Dame Experience

Join Us for the Ultimate ND Fan Experience


The Notre Dame Experience will be open to the public from 12 PM – 7:00 PM on Saturday, October 19th in the Joyce Fieldhouse (north dome). Admission is free to the ND Experience. The ND Experience allows fans to emulate their favorite Irish player by participating in one of the four different interactive football games. Fans may also visit the other displays throughout the Notre Dame Experience for photo opportunities or to collect giveaways and samples for people of all ages.…

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USC Pep Rally

Show Your Support for the Irish on October 18th at 5:45 PM


Come out and support the Fighting Irish as they prepare to take on USC under the lights! The pep rally will kickoff with the cheerleaders, Marching Band and Irish Guard. Special guests include Lou Holtz and the 1988 National Championship team.

Make sure you arrive early to hear 2010 Alum Pat McKillen perform hits from his soon to be released album, the Red Headed Enemy, at 4:15 PM!

Come out to get the Fighting Irish ready for GAME DAY against USC! They need you, Irish fans!

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Stand With Boston

On Saturday, October 19th the Notre Dame Knights of Columbus, Council #1477, will be selling their famed steak sandwiches in front of their building on South Quad. In addition to feeding hundreds of hungry fans, the Knights will “Stand With Boston” by donating all tips to the Stand With Boston Prosthetics Drive.


The Knights of Columbus steak sandwich stand is a longstanding, Game Day tradition that began in 1968 when the Knights wanted to find a way to give back to local charities in the community. By 1970 the Knights were selling 500 sandwiches per game, and by 1974 the number grew to 1,200. The council started each weekend knowing they would raise about $1,000 per game by the time kickoff rolled around.

The success of the Knights of Columbus’ steak sandwich sales has continued to grow over the years, allowing the council to help even more charities in even bigger ways. Today, approximately 30 Knights come together each week to continue the tradition. At about 10:30 AM each Football Saturday, the lines of hungry fans begin to form as the steaks begin to sear on the grill. Not long after 10:30 the lines begin to stretch across South Quad and God Quad and each person that jumps in line is guaranteed a great sandwich and a big “thank you!” for contributing to the various charities.

By the time the Irish take the field on Saturday, the Knights will have sold approximately 3,000 steak sandwiches and raised a large sum of money for charities, including the Stand With Boston Prosthetics Drive. We invite all fans to head over to South Quad on game days to grab a steak sandwich in support of charity, particularly this Saturday as we look to Stand With Boston.

To all those impacted by the tragedy in Boston:

Know you are in our prayers daily and we stand with you on Saturday, October 19th and always.

In Notre Dame,

The Game Day Operations team and the Notre Dame family

#BostonStrong #StandWithBoston

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Leaders of the Pack: the Notre Dame Bagpipe Band

It is a distinct, unmistakable sound that can be heard all across campus just over two hours prior to kick-off on home game Saturdays. The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band’s rendition of “Scotland the Brave” has become Notre Dame’s battle hymn in a way, as it is the song played to lead the Fighting Irish Football team into the Stadium.


The kilt clad group of fourteen who plays this song to clear the path from the Library to the gates of the Stadium is unique not only in its collective ability to play the ancient bagpipe and accompanying drums, but also in that it is composed of both Notre Dame students and Faculty. The Bagpipe Band is an important and loved part of Game Day (especially by the Game Day Operations staff!) and we think it is about time you meet this kilted crew:

Colin Patience

Year: Senior, 2014

Hometown: Apple Valley, MN

Colin is the Captain of the Bagpipe Band and he has 7 years of playing the bagpipes under his belt. His favorite part of Game Day is piping the football team into the stadium and heading out to the tailgates with family and friends.

Dan Gezelter

Department: Chemistry & Biochemistry

Hometown: South Bend, IN

Dan is an Associate Professor in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Notre Dame. He has been playing the bagpipes for 30 years and is able to offer his experience and expertise to his fellow pipers. For Dan the best part of Game Day is when the Bagpipe Band warms up outside of Washington Hall before the performances begin.

Aedan Cannon

Year: Junior, 2015

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ

With a name like his, he was destined to play the bagpipes. Aedan has been piping for 10 years and this is his third season with the band. He most enjoys marching in the player walk, a beloved tradition at Notre Dame that has been enhanced with the addition of the Bagpipe Band.

James Burke

Year: Freshman, 2017

Hometown: East Islip, NY

Although he is one of the youngest members of the band, James still brings 6 years of experience playing the bagpipes to the band. In his first season as a student, James has found his favorite part of Game Day to be the vibrant spirit that can be found throughout the campus.

Jacob Ricci

Year: Freshman, 2017

Hometown: Brookfield, WI

When you hear the snare drums roll just before the bagpipes begin the play, one of them is being played by Jacob. He has been playing the snare drum for 6 years and this is his first season with the Bagpipe Band. He most enjoys celebrating an Irish win with family and friends on Game Day.

Dan Brown

Year: Senior, 2014

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Dan began to play the snare drum 2 years ago and he is key member of the Bagpipe Band. His favorite part of Game Day is the Player Walk, which makes us at Game Day happy to know the band enjoys this tradition as much as we do!

James Elliot

Year: Sophomore, 2016

Hometown: Bellmore, NY

James has been playing the bagpipes for 9 years and this is his second season with the Bagpipe Band. Similar to many of his fellow band mates, the Player Walk is James’ favorite part of Game Day.

Dan Suma

Year: Sophomore, 2016

Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI

Having played the bagpipes for only one year, Dan has had some excellent teachers in his fellow band mates. Dan’s favorite part of Game Day is the Glee Club pregame concert.

Dan Lynch

Year: Sophomore, 2016

Hometown: Perkasie, PA

Dan has also had great leadership and teaching for his first year playing the bagpipes. Who better to learn from than the Notre Dame Bagpipe Band? Dan’s favorite Game Day tradition is the Marching Band concert on the steps of Bond Hall. After you catch the Player Walk, make sure you make your way over to see Dan’s favorite Game Day activity.

Dylan Klee

Year: Sophomore, 2016

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Dylan has been playing the bagpipes for 3 years. For him the best part of Game Day is waking up to his dorm mates running through the hallways at 8 AM screaming, “WAKE UP, IT’S GAMEDAY!” Dylan, we think you should join them in their wake-up ritual by adding in the sweet sound of the bagpipes.

Brandon Peterson

Year: 2007, MTS 2009, PhD 2014

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Brandon, who is on his way to becoming a triple Domer, plays the snare drum in the Bagpipe Band. Having been a Notre Dame student first in the Fall of 2003, Brandon has seen the enhancements that have been made to Game Day AND he is part of one. Brandon has been playing for the past 10 years and his favorite part of Game Day is experiencing ND touchdowns. Spoken like a true Domer, Brandon!

Joseph Hess

Year: Law School 2nd year, 2015

Hometown: Dayton, OH,

To add to the group’s diversity, Joseph is one of two Law students in the Bagpipe Band. He has been playing the tenor drum for 2 years and he most enjoys the excitement and enthusiasm of the fans on Game Day.

Graeme Quinn

Year: Law School 2nd year, 2015

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Graeme is the second Law student in the Bagpipe Band. When you feel yourself shake a bit as the Bagpipe Band passes by playing, that is thanks to Graeme! He plays the bass drum, which he has been doing for the past two years. Graeme’s favorite part of Game Day is the Player Walk.

Dominic Vachon

Department: M.Div, PhD: Ruth Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine, Preprofessional Studies Department

Hometown: Ft. Pierce, FL

Rounding out the group is Dr. Vachon who brings the most years of bagpipe playing experience to the band, as he has been playing for 31 years. His favorite part of Game Day is joining with his band mates to lead the team into the Stadium.

To the Notre Dame Bagpipe Band:

On behalf of the entire Game Day Operations team, thank you for you dedication to and enthusiasm for Game Day! We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic crew. See you on Saturday!

-The Game Day team

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What's Your Favorite Part of Game Day?

We are asking Irish fans about their favorite part of Game Day on Twitter. It has been great hearing from fans and we want to hear from more of you! The more we know about your Game Day, the better we can make it in the future! Share your favorite part of Game Day using #NDgamedayFav

Curious about what other Irish fans are saying? Check out a few tweets we’ve received below!

Follow us on twitter and share your favorite part of Game Day using #NDgamedayFav

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Eat Well: South Dining Hall

About six months after graduation, former Domers begin to miss a lot about Notre Dame…the Dome, the grotto, dorm masses, football games, LaFortune, etc. However, there is one place Domers especially miss, and it’s one they begin to miss when they realize how difficult it can be to come home after a long day of work and cook. Don’t be mistaken, though. It is not only former Domers who have withdrawal from South Dining Hall. It is also a favorite among Irish fans who make a trip to South Dining Hall a part of their Game Day routine.


On a Game Day, South Dining Hall serves 2,700 guests at candlelight dinner alone — this doesn’t even count brunch! This figure also does not account for the more than 400 band members fed at SDH each Game Day Saturday, or the special guests hosted. Needless to say, South Dining Hall serves up a lot of food on Football Saturdays. And not just any food. SDH prepares incredible feasts for their meals on game days, particularly for the candlelight dinner.

Top Sirloin cooked on the smoker is a favorite at candlelight dinner, according to Marc Poklinkowski, General Manager of South Dining Hall. It’s also an entree SDH will always have on hand for guests coming to eat at one of their hundreds of tables. The full menu for a candlelight dinner is also as impressive as the house favorite. For the candlelight dinner before the USC game on Saturday, October 19th, SDH will be cooking up mashed potatoes with bacon and cheddar, tuna steaks with chipotle BBQ glaze, pasta with an array of sweet peppers, and much more. What could make candlelight dinner even better? It’s buffet style, all you can eat structure means you won’t go hungry. Plus, after dinner guests can take a trip to the dessert stations where they’ll find a fabulous double fudge tort amongst other enticing sweets.


While the candlelight dinner is typically served up after games, South Dining Hall will be offering its famed candlelight dinner to guests before the game against USC on October 19th. SDH will open at 4:30 PM for the candlelight meal and dinner will be served until 7:00 PM.

Candlelight dinner is $19.00 for adults, $9.50 for kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and free for children 5 and under.

Can’t make it for candlelight dinner? Be sure to have brunch at South Dining Hall on Saturday or Sunday morning! Saturday morning brunch runs from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM and Sunday brunch is open from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Brunch is $15.50 for adults, $7.75 for kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and free for children 5 and under.

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Notre Dame Stadium Bag Policy

Effective for the 2013 Season

As part of an ongoing commitment to safety and security, the University of Notre Dame has adopted a new policy on bags and other items fans can bring into its football stadium on game days. Notre Dame strongly encourages fans to not bring ANY type of bags to the stadium.

Policy Details


  • ALL backpacks, duffel bags, and tote bags will NOT be allowed in the stadium.
  • ALL other small bags are subject to inspection at the stadium gates upon entrance.
  • Diaper bags and medical device bags will be allowed but will be subject to inspection.
  • Blankets, coats, ponchos, and other similar items will be allowed but will be subject to inspection.

We are taking every possible step to ensure minimal disruption or delay to stadium guests. Personal property and privacy will be respected at all times. We appreciate our fans’ cooperation and patience as the new policy is implemented.

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Home Field Advantage: Irish Athletics on Campus This Weekend


In addition to the Football matchup with USC on Saturday, October 19th, there are several contests at home for some of our other Irish teams this weekend. Round out your weekend with a Notre Dame game on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Friday, October 18th

Women’s Volleyball vs Miami at 7:00 PM, Purcell Pavilion

Men’s Hockey vs. Michigan Tech at 7:35 PM, Compton Family Ice Arena

Sunday, October 20th

Women’s Volleyball vs Florida State at 1:00 PM, Purcell Pavilion

Women’s Soccer vs Duke at 1:00 PM, Alumni Field

Men’s Hockey vs Michigan Tech at 2:05 PM, Compton Family Ice Arena


Click here for ticket information and to purchase tickets for this weekend’s games

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USC Pep Rally

Get the Irish Ready to Play Under the Lights


JUST ANNOUNCED: The USC Pep Rally will be on Library Quad on Friday, October 18th at 5:45 PM.

Come out and support the Fighting Irish as they prepare to take on USC under the lights! The pep rally will kickoff with the cheerleaders, Marching Band and Irish Guard. Special guests include Lou Holtz and the 1988 National Championship team.

Make sure you arrive early to hear 2010 Alum Pat McKillen perform hits from his soon to be released album, the Red Headed Enemy, at 4:15 PM!

Come out to get the Fighting Irish ready for GAME DAY against USC! They need you, Irish fans!

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Saving for College Q & A


Friday October 18th 2:00 p.m. – 3:45 p.m., 121 Main Building

When it comes to saving for a college education, planning is key. To help employees and alumni with post-secondary education planning, several departments on campus have joined together to present “Saving for College” Drop-in Question & Answer Session.

Professional staff will be available to answer your questions about:

  • The importance of creating a plan for saving for college
  • Various college savings options, especially 529 plans
  • How savings plans work with Financial Aid

Representatives from the Notre Dame Office of Financial Aid, the Private College 529 Plan, and the Notre Dame Finance Division will be on hand to help answer your questions. Brochures and summary resources will also be available to assist you in creating and building your college savings plan.

Expert Panel:

  • Dr. Thomas Bear, Ed.D., Executive Director of Student Financial Strategies, Univ. of Notre Dame
  • Joseph Russo, Director of Student Financial Strategies (Retired), Univ. of Notre Dame; Board of Directors, Tuition Plan Consortium

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The Celtic Champions Classic

On October 19th, Notre Dame will host _‘The Celtic Champions Classic’_ at Arlotta Lacrosse Stadium at 3:00 PM. Irish fans will have the opportunity to witness Ireland’s leading Gaelic sports stars compete in the ancient Irish game of hurling, the fastest field sport in the world. The event on October 19th will mark the first time a unique, short-form of the game is played. The Gaelic Players Association and Gaelic Athletic Association have worked in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame to bring this exciting event to campus. We hope all fans will head to Arlotta Stadium to see this match of Ireland's very best athletes prior to kickoff against USC.

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Irish Defeat Sun Devils

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - Tommy Rees and Notre Dame felt right at home during another trip to South Bend South in Texas. Rees threw for 279 yards and three touchdowns, and Notre Dame made it 5 for 5 in the traveling Shamrock Series with a 37-34 victory against No. 22 Arizona State on Saturday night.…

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Irish Eyes: Shamrock Series

Calling All Irish Fans!


Use #NDgameday to show us your photos on Instagram and Twitter! After the Shamrock Series weekend, we’ll select our favorite photos and post them here on

Game Day Sunglasses

Still trying to get your hands on a pair of Game Day sunglasses? We will be handing out a limited number in Texas! Tag photos with #NDgameday and note your location. If the Game Day team is in the area, we might just show up with a pair of sunglasses for you!…

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Transportation to AT&T Stadium from Fort Worth

Cowboys Coach

Ride The T’s Cowboys Coach shuttle from downtown Fort Worth to AT&T Stadium for the Notre Dame vs. ASU game!

Bus shuttles leave from the Vickery Park & Ride, accessed from the 200 block of W. Vickery Blvd., just south of the T&P rail station.


Parking at Vickery Park & Ride - $5.00 per vehicle (cash only) – Approx. 350 spaces – No reserved parking

Shuttle Ticket - $10.00 per person (round-trip, cash only)


Shuttles begin boarding at the Vickery Park & Ride four (4) hours prior to announced/published game time and leave as they fill. The last shuttle leaves 3 hours prior to game time.


Shuttle staging is at Lot 15, approx. 900 feet from Cowboys Stadium. Shuttles begin boarding after the game and return as they fill. The last shuttle return is one hour after the game is over.
Note: No coolers/ice chests; all personal items must be taken with you when you exit the shuttle. See AT&T Stadium Bag Policy for personal items at the bottom of this page.

Downtown Circulator Service To Cowboy Shuttle Boarding

Cowboy Coach will serve the downtown area with pickups at Molly the Trolley stops close to the major hotels (see map).

How it works:
Starting at the “Molly Stop” outside the Sheraton Hotel (4 hours before kickoff) a Cowboy stadium shuttle will circulate the downtown area, stopping at each boarding point shown on the map. (it’s about 14 minutes between Sheraton & Omni)

The shuttle will deliver passengers to the Cowboy Coach boarding area on Vickery Blvd. at the T&P rail station where riders can get a ticket and board the Cowboy Coach to the game.

The shuttle will repeat this process 20 minutes after the first trip and again 40 minutes after the first trip for a total of 3 trips between downtown and the Cowboy Coach boarding area.


On return from the game, downtown destination passengers should remain on the bus as it drops off at the Vickery Park & Ride. The bus will then make a trip through downtown to drop you off.

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Shamrock Series Mass


Game Day will begin in true Notre Dame fashion as the Notre Dame family will come together in celebration of the Holy Eucharist on Saturday morning at 10:00 AM at St. Patrick Cathedral in Fort Worth.

When making Game Day arrangements, please note seating is limited in the Cathedral.

Directions to St. Patrick Cathedral from the Worthington Renaissance

View Larger Map

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