Notre Dame Beats Wake Forest in Energy Bowl

Author: Leigh Bogensperger

Game day hasn’t even arrived and Notre Dame has already claimed victory over Wake Forest. No, not in football, but in the Energy Bowl: an energy reduction competition between the two schools. This two week competition started on November 1st and ended two weeks later on the 14th. Notre Dame finished the competition with a 9.6% reduction and Wake Forest reduced their consumption by 8.1%.


In addition to the Energy Bowl being a competition between the two universities, it also pit the Notre Dame dorms against each other. In this intra-campus competition, Welsh Family Hall emerged victorious with an impressive 24.3% reduction. Ryan and Knott halls came in second and third place with 21.2% and 17.7% reductions, respectively.

For more information on the Energy Bowl and the Office of Sustainability, click here.

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