May I Have Your Attention Please...

Author: Ami Driscoll


“May I have your attention please…”
Six words spoken from Sgt. Tim McCarthy at the Notre Dame Stadium for the past 55 years to begin his public safety message at over 300 home Fighting Irish football games!

McCarthy began by stating, “Football fans, after the game, your number one priority is to get home safe and sound.”

In 1960, McCarthy’s message began as a way to try and get through to the fans in the stadium to be safe after the game commenced and to recognize the importance in safe driving. Through his messaging, the puns became synonymous with the end of the third quarter messaging with Notre Dame football fans, because of his unique addresses and how he said them. His wit and sense of humor got the attention of the Stadium and the students, who brought a unanimous round of applause and standing ovation as he delivered his final address at Notre Dame versus UMASS.

Throughout his 55 years, some of his puns included:

  • “Drive like a musician … C sharp or B flat.”
  • “Drive like a happy doctor … have a lot of patience.”
  • “When the weather is wet, never let your driving get rusty.”
  • “Driving half lit … is not very bright.”
  • “The reason we hammer at safety … is to prevent you from getting nailed.”

Traditions at Notre Dame are the cornerstone of the University. McCarthy is as much a Notre Dame tradition as singing the alma mater, hearing the Trumpets Under the Dome, or watching the football team walk into the stadium during the player walk.

On September 26, 2015, the student section and Notre Dame Stadium let Sgt. Tim McCarthy know how much he impacted their ND experience as they chanted his name. McCarthy delivered his final address, reminiscing with his first public safety message he delivered in 1960.

“Remember, the automobile replaced the horse, but the driver should stay on the wagon.”

Notre Dame thanks you, Sgt. McCarthy! We hope you enjoy your much deserved retirement!

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