Golden Notes: Trumpets Under the Dome

Author: Sarah Rodts

For everyone here in the Game Day office, we feel a home game coming as soon as the clock hits zero on the previous weekend's game. However, for everyone else in here in the Dome, they feel a game weekend arrive at 4:00 PM on Friday when hundreds of fans fill the rotunda of the Main Building to catch the Notre Dame Trumpets play under the Dome. !/assets/115317/480x/trumpets.jpg(trumpets)! Fans fill the rings of the third and fourth floors of the Dome to look down at the Trumpets on the second floor as they play the Alma Mater and the Victory March. It's a great way to welcome fans and the arrival of a Notre Dame Football weekend. Coming to campus this weekend? Be sure to catch the trumpets today, *Friday, November 21st at 4:00 PM*. Can't make it? Catch "Trumpets Under the Dome" on *Saturday, November 22nd at 2:30 PM*. For this performance, the Trumpets will line the third and fourth floors of the Main Building, so grab a great viewing spot on the second floor. "Click here for a full list of activities for the November 21st - 23rd game weekend":

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