Fenway Park Parking & Tranpsortation

Author: Amy Marquez

Where to park

For midweek day games, the Boston Red Sox strongly encourage fans to take public transportation to Fenway Park.

In order to reduce traffic both before and after games, we recommend that you park in a lot or garage that corresponds to the route you take to Fenway.

For example, if you are driving in from the east of Fenway, please park to the east of Fenway. Refer to the map and charts below for parking suggestions and information.

Note: Meters on Beacon St. cost up to $22 starting at 6 p.m. on Red Sox game nights.

Parking fees range from hourly rates of $5 to game parking rates of $40+, depending on the location and capacity of the parking garage or lot.

The fine for parking a vehicle in the Fenway/Kenmore Residential Parking District during Fenway Park Events, unless said vehicle displays in the rear window a valid and current sticker as issued by the Transportation Department for the Fenway/Kenmore Residential District, shall be one hundred dollars and no cents ($100.00) for each such violation.

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