Fenway Park Bag Policy

Author: Amy Marquez

Security Guidelines


In a continuing effort to provide comprehensive and thorough security and in accordance with Major League Baseball directives, the Boston Red Sox have instituted the following procedures.

  • All persons, bags, and personal items are subject to inspection before entering Fenway Park. No bag or item larger than 16″×16″×8″ will be permitted inside the Park.
  • The following items are also prohibited: hard-sided coolers, cans, bottles (except sealed water bottles of 16 oz or less), glass containers of any kind, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, firearms, noise-making devices, flag poles, selfie-sticks, sign poles, brooms (or any other similar props that may be dangerous or cause injury to other fans), knives, box cutters, tools of any kind (including Leathermen), or any item that could be used as a weapon, any commercial audio/visual equipment and any sign, costume, clothing or item that may be deemed offensive.
  • Umbrellas are allowed inside Fenway Park but may only be used during official rain delays.
  • Cameras and video cameras are permitted but cannot be used to reproduce the game and must not interfere with other fans’ enjoyment of the game.
    *Fans will NOT be able to store any prohibited items at Fenway Park.
  • Exiting and re-entering the Park is not permitted at any gate.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Fenway Park, including Yawkey Way.
  • Proper dress is required.
  • Any fan that directly or indirectly interferes with the enjoyment of the game will be promptly ejected from Fenway Park and may be subject to arrest and prosecution by the Boston Police. Fans are also reminded that anyone observed with offensive articles included signs, shirts, hats, etc. may be asked to remove/discard them.
  • Failure to comply with such a request will result in immediate ejection from the park. The Red Sox will continue to make every effort to ensure socially acceptable behavior in order to allow fans to enjoy the game in comfort.
  • Interfering or attempting to interfere with any balls in play or throwing any object onto the field is strictly prohibited and will result in ejection and/or prosecution.
  • All fans are expected to comply with Fenway Park’s Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in ejection from Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox do not condone misbehavior of any kind.

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