Eat Well: South Dining Hall

Author: Sarah Rodts

About six months after graduation, former Domers begin to miss a lot about Notre Dame…the Dome, the grotto, dorm masses, football games, LaFortune, etc. However, there is one place Domers especially miss, and it’s one they begin to miss when they realize how difficult it can be to come home after a long day of work and cook. Don’t be mistaken, though. It is not only former Domers who have withdrawal from South Dining Hall. It is also a favorite among Irish fans who make a trip to South Dining Hall a part of their Game Day routine.


On a Game Day, South Dining Hall serves 2,700 guests at candlelight dinner alone — this doesn’t even count brunch! This figure also does not account for the more than 400 band members fed at SDH each Game Day Saturday, or the special guests hosted. However, even with thousands of hungry people knocking on SDH’s door, the dining hall staff knows how to handle the crowds. They can move 1,700 people through the dining hall in one hour! Needless to say, South Dining Hall serves up a lot of food on Football Saturdays. And not just any food. SDH prepares incredible feasts for their meals on game days, particularly for the candlelight dinner.

Top Sirloin cooked on the smoker is a favorite at candlelight dinner, according to Marc Poklinkowski, General Manager of South Dining Hall. It’s also an entree SDH will always have on hand for guests coming to eat at one of their hundreds of tables. The full menu for a candlelight dinner is also as impressive as the house favorite. For the candlelight dinner before the USC game on Saturday, October 19th, SDH will be cooking up mashed potatoes with bacon and cheddar, tuna steaks with chipotle BBQ glaze, pasta with an array of sweet peppers, and much more. What could make candlelight dinner even better? It’s buffet style, all you can eat structure means you won’t go hungry. Plus, after dinner guests can take a trip to the dessert stations where they’ll find a fabulous double fudge tort amid other enticing sweets.


While the candlelight dinner is typically served up after games, South Dining Hall will be offering its famed candlelight dinner to guests before the game against USC on October 19th. SDH will open at 4:30 PM for the candlelight meal and dinner will be served until 7:00 PM.

Candlelight dinner is $19.00 for adults, $9.50 for kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and free for children 5 and under.

Can’t make it for candlelight dinner? Be sure to have brunch at South Dining Hall on Saturday or Sunday morning! Saturday morning brunch runs from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM and Sunday brunch is open from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM. Brunch is $15.50 for adults, $7.75 for kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and free for children 5 and under.

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