1932 Restored Rockne Studebaker

Author: Dan Santucci

A restored Rockne Studebacker

Subway Alum George Gajdos from San Juan Capistrano, CA, has restored a 1932 Rockne Studebaker and has graciously offered its use for Notre Dame’s Rockne Heritage Fund/Director’s Circle Recognition Weekend. The Rockne Studebaker model was only produced for two years, 1932 and 1933. Knute Rockne was aware of the production of his namesake automobile but never saw a finished product as the first completed Rockne Studebaker’s hit the road just months after the Coach’s untimely death in 1931.

The Rockne Studebaker will be out at the Irish Green on the Saturday of Air Force Weekend for all those who are interested. It is a great photo opportunity for you and your family and a chance to see a sliver of history from Coach Rockne’s days. Immediately following Air Force weekend, the Gajdos Family’s Rockne Studebaker will head to the Studebaker Museum where it will be featured in the new Rockne Exhibit for the remainder of the year.

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