One-hour Ethics CLE with John Moore '82


Location: 1315 Biolchini Hall - Eck Hall of Law

Becoming a Different Kind of Lawyer: Our Broken Compass and the Aspirational Lawyer

The legal profession faces a ‘tri‐partite’ crisis: increasing levels of incivility, lack of public trust and rapidly eroding physical and mental health of its members. Why? In many ways, it is because so many lawyers today follow a broken compass: one concerned with “winning” and divorced from obligations to   clients and the legal system. In this often light‐hearted, one-hour presentation, we will review the root of the profession’s current challenges. We will explore how a dedication to “winning” corrupts our ability to serve appropriately. And, we will focus on how we can become a “Different Kind of Lawyer”: an aspirational vision of the practice of law that confirms the best in us and in the profession.

Free and open to the public.

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