Dooley Society Lectures


Location: Jordan Hall Auditorium 105

“One Health: Emerging Zoonotic Diseases and the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS)."

Dr. Betsy Schroeder DVM MPH, ND '04

Dr. Schroeder is currently an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assigned to the Indiana State Department of Health. She received her DVM from Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016 and is finishing a PhD in Salmonella latency. Schroeder worked with the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at CDC and was part of the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. As an EIS Officer, Schroeder deployed to Puerto Rico as part of the 2016 Zika Virus response. In Indiana, she helped coordinate the state's role in a novel Seoul virus outbreak in rats and pet rat owners, investigated a mass bat exposure at a university, investigated various foodborne outbreaks, identified chemical burns risk factors at a water park, and participated in several other public health responses.