College of Science: "Science and Spirits"


Location: Worthington Renaissance: West Fork I & II

Join us for “TED”-style talks to learn how Notre Dame is tackling the big science questions of today. Enjoy “Texas style” appetizers and “Irish style” coffee with the College of Science dean, faculty, and students. This is a family-friendly event and will be a lot of fun for your kids!

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Guest Speakers and Discussions:

Prof. Rebecca Wingert

“A Medical Revolution in the Making: Adult Stem Cells”

Prof. David Lodge

“eDNA: ’CSI’ of the Environment”

Prof Chris Kolda

“The Ultimate Fate of Our Universe: The God Particle”

Prof. Norman Dovichi

“Embryonic Development: Going From This to That”

Free & Open to the Public

Please contact Sean Kassen at for additional information.