On the Sidelines with Rev. Thomas Blantz


Location: Eck Visitors Center Auditorium

Little Known Facts about Notre Dame History with Reverend Thomas Blantz, ’57, M.A.’63,_ Professor of History, Emeritus_

You already know about Knute Rockne and “Win One for the Gipper,” Ted Hesburgh and “We’re Glad You’re Here.” But there is plenty more to learn about Notre Dame history. Join retired professor Father Tom Blantz as he shares his expert knowledge of Notre Dame and many historical facts that are not as well-known as our championship years in football. Father Blantz has taught History at Notre Dame since 1968 and is beloved by his students. He is a priest in residence in McGlinn Hall and is still teaching history courses part-time. His recent research has been focusing on the history of The University of Notre Dame.