Kiss A Pig Fundraiser


Location: South Quad


A charity event brought to you by Welsh Family Hall with the help of the Student Union Board and the Pre-Vet Club. This event will be held Saturday April 20th from 7:30-9 on South Quad the night of the Blue and Gold Game. It will entail various teams that are listed below of prominent Notre Dame figures that have volunteered to kiss a pig for their charity if their team is one of the top ones to aggregate the most donations! Have you ever wanted to see one of your professors, Coach Jackson or one of these student athletes kiss a pig? Donate by clicking on the link below or going to Welsh Family Hall’s page on the Notre Dame Student Shop and select what group you want to donate to! All proceeds will go to the associated charities. There will ba a video of the event that NDTV post so all donors who could not be in attendance can still witness the kisses. There will be food, drinks, AcoustiCafe and great fun. Come close out the Blue and Gold Game weekend the right way and help us to kick off Antostal!

Professors kissing for Touching Tiny Lives: James McKenna, Anre Venter, Xavier Creary, Carolyn Nordstrom and Carl Ackerman

Football kissing for Kelly Cares: Cam McDaniel, Troy Niklas, Mathias Farley and Andrew Hendrix

Hockey kissing for the Wounded Warrior Project: Coach Jackson,Andy Ryan, Sam Herr, Thomas DiPauli, Mario Lucia, and Steven Fogarty

*Keep checking our page Kiss A Pig for new additions to the lineup!!