Concert: Oblates of Blues


Location: Irish Green

The Oblates of Blues makes its offering, in solidarity with the Blues, on a regular basis throughout the greater Michiana region. Born on the eve of the third millennium, it is the latest incarnation of a distinct Blues expression that began at St. John’s Abbey and University, Collegeville, MN with two earlier bands – the Lennards and the Screamin’ Maxi J. Electric Blues Tornadoes. The band’s name honors the Benedictine legacy so influential in the intellectual and spiritual formation of many of its original members. Since its first official gig at the University of Notre Dame’s Senior Club (now Legends) in 2000, the band has been composed of faculty, post-doctoral scholars, graduate students, and Notre Dame graduates who are devotees of both Theology and the Blues. The band’s troubadours continue to spread the good news of Chicago style Blues as their oblation to this unique expression of life’s indomitable spirit.