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Guest Services Teams

Guest Services

The Guest Services Team play a very important role on making the Game Day experience here at Notre Dame Stadium the best in the country. Every home game weekend, these representatitives come from across the United States to assist fans in the most hospitable way. The Guest Services Teams consist of groups of two individuals that are located at the busiest locations on Notre Dame’s campus. Some notable places on campus where you will find these teams are outside the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore, the Hesburgh Library, and Main Circle.

These teams are there to help fans have the most enjoyable experience at Notre Dame and will assist you with directions, distribute the Gridiron Guide, and answer any other questions that one may have on a football Saturday at Notre Dame. These Guest Service Teams are an integral part of putting on a Notre Dame home football game. Keep an eye out for their trademark green blazers!

Interested in joining the Guest Services Team? Please send an email with your name and contact information to We will send you information on how to become a Guest Services Team member.

On Campus Transportation

On game weekends we offer free courtesy shuttles as well as a student-run pedal cab service. Click here to learn more about our on campus transportation!

Charging Stations

Whether it’s because you’re taking photos of every gorgeous view on campus, or you’re calling friends and family to meet up somewhere on campus, we know cell phone batteries can always use some extra juice on Game Day. That’s why we have cell phone charging stations placed throughout campus at various locations, including the Bookstore, Main Building, Hesburgh Library, and more. Ask one of our Guest Services team members to point you to the nearest charging station!

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Enjoy Game Day!