Third Annual Mechatronic Blue and Gold Football Game


Location: Stepan Center

The final project for senior mechanical engineers, this game will be played by semi-autonomous ibots controlled by their student designers. The technical challenges of designing and building the robotic football players deepen students' understanding of, and ability to implement, engineering principles. The human participants will use the skills they acquired during the project in their careers as engineers, applying the same principles to develop, among other things, intelligent prostheses, biomedical devices and electromechanical systems in general. The winning team in the game will receive the Brian Hederman Memorial Robotic Competition Award. Hederman was a Notre Dame student who suffered an untimely death after his freshman year in 1995. The award plaque is inspired by a drawing he left behind. The campus and the public are invited. Sponsored by the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. For more information, contact James Schmiedeler, associate professor, aerospace and mechanical engineering, 574-631-6403,